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[Rules of the RP]

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[Rules of the RP]

Post by Sylas Templar on Fri Jan 01, 2016 11:33 am

=General Rules=

  • Be respectful of your fellow members. Each one has their own ideas and concepts they'd like to share; this is the purpose of this forum. 

=Duel Rules=

  • Be respectful to your opponent during the duel, unless you're in-character. Remember, they don't "have" to duel you.
  • If someone has a card in their deck that they probably shouldn't have or they've used an effect incorrectly etc., contact either a nearby Mod, another Admin, or me.

=RP Rules=

  • Listen to the most interesting man in the world, always respect your fellow RPers. Unless one of them does something RPly unacceptable, then report it to either the current Mod on or me.
  • This warning is here to be gotten out of the way: When you plan something for your character, always be aware that things can change mid-RP. Some parts of your character's story can be edited or outright lost as RP progresses. Just letting you know now.
  • If you have an edited or added effect (Augments, Hidden Duel Skills etc.) PLEASE tell someone when it becomes relevant. At the very least let them know when you actually apply it. Waiting until they can't react is just a dick move and hurts the feelings of the Most Interesting Man in the World.

I'll probably add more rules as they get made up.
Sylas Templar
Sylas Templar
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