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Break The Sword of Justice

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Break The Sword of Justice

Post by ItsNotButter? on Sun Jan 03, 2016 9:30 pm


Shun Murasaki

"Phantasmal Law-Maker"




Neo New Tokyo

Lawful Evil


:Deck Type:
The Phantom Knights/Lswarm

:Ace Card:

Numbers 85: Crazy Box

insert sasuke personality here

insert edgy background here

:Duel Skill:
-"Unfortunate Law-Breakers Die."-
Before a Duel engages between Shun and another he can set a Rule addition onto the general rules, adjusting how the opponent and himself plays throughout, should a player break said Rule, the duel ends and victory is given to the opposite player. When a loss is given out via "Law Break", that person's lifetime is cut by several years.
Requirements to allow his Skill to engage is as follows:
-A Pre-Duel Handshake
-Shun Must State The Restriction to his Opponent
-Shun has to know his Opponent's Real Name
-It cannot entail to the Extra Deck

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