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Vulca Fafnir

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Vulca Fafnir Empty Vulca Fafnir

Post by Best Girl on Mon Jan 04, 2016 8:35 am

"I am my own lord throughout Heaven and Earth! True power, come to me! Transcend!!"

Heiress' Stride
Roots of the King
Supremacy Dragon
Wandering Heart ~ A Lonely Existence

Vulca Fafnir IqEVPUS

Sovereign Scourge -Linked to King Calamity, ignore for now:

The Abyss
Progenitor of the Great Apocalypse
Legend of the Girl Who Crossed Through Hell

Vulca Fafnir OgmuLJZ

Name: Vulca Fafnir
Alias: N/A (Develops as Sovereign Scourge later)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Profession: Supersoldier of the Fafnir Clan

Ace Monster: Red Daemons Dragon Scarright (All forms and incarnations reserved)
Deck Name: Supreme Heavenly Road (Name later changed to "Red & Black - Absolute Domination" with Blackwing Resonators)
Deck Description: Vulca's army is that of pure brutality, putting high focus into overwhelming numbers, and then creating massive Synchro monsters out of those numbers, all while still outnumbering her foe. The "X-Sabers" - the titled warmongers - decimate everything with extensive mastery of swarm tactics and power gains, along with staying resourceful. Warriors, Reptiles, Beast-Warriors, Beasts, Insects, and Dragonic Synchro monsters whom the "Resonators" serve. Known as the "Devil's Tuners", they are out-of-place Fiends that all support Synchro Monsters with their presence. Most notably, they support the "Red King", who is the trump card and the Vanguard of the militia force: "Red Daemons Dragon".

Character Skill: "Red Sun" - Once per turn, during either player's Battle Phase if you control no Synchro Monsters except 1 or less "Red Dragon Archfiend" monsters, target 1 "Red Dragon Archfiend" Synchro Monster in your Extra Deck whose ATK is equal to or greater than your current Life Points. Then, send from your field to the Graveyard and/or banish cards from your Graveyard whose levels are equal to that monster's level, and Special Summon that monster from your Extra Deck. (This Special Summon is treated as a Synchro Summon) Then, you may have it and a monster your opponent controls battle immediately.

Personality: Vulca is a woman of overwhelming strength and raw ambition, her very presence weighing down on others who fear her with an immense gravity. She holds no warmth for the weak, unless they're willing to do whatever it takes to become strong. If they are content being weak, or they have a dream and know nothing of what to do when they reach said dream, then they're tools with no future. Having an ultimate goal of ruling the world, the girl marks off lesser and multiple ambitions like a checklist, her "dreams" merely being stepping stones toward the final achievement. She is willing to accept weak people who wish to work hard, but if they can't meet her expectations quickly, they're deemed hopeless causes very early.

Those with true power are the only ones that immediately have her respect and kindness. Only those with godlike skill give her joy in fighting. Especially those even better than the warrior herself. Unsurprisingly, friends do not come easy, if at all. In fact, Vulca believes friends are a "liability". Her logic is that: a friend will fight a war with you, and die via a heroic sacrifice to save you. However, a "comrade" will wage war with you, and ensure both of you make it out alive. Vulca greatly cherishes comrades, treating them more humane, like family even. They're the only ones who can understand her, so they deserve her trust.

Vulca praises the Fafnir goal and boasts about them at the drop of a dime, especially her father. The soldier will quickly become violent and irate if his very name is mocked. In addition to that, she seems to have a quiet but very close relationship with her partner: Red Daemons Dragon. The two respect each other as strong warriors and family after some events of her life. The Dragon nearly killed her but began to hold her in high regard for facing him without fear. It is the very example of a being that Vulca can very well say that she loves with all her heart, a true comrade at its core.

The goal of the heiress is the top, nothing less. Refusing to settle for "Queen", yearning to be crowned "King".

Rise of Vulcan and Vulca - Incomplete:
In this world, there are mythological beings beyond imagination that exist, causing mayhem or attempting to lord over humans through sheer arrogance, slaughtering them if they refuse to submit. While believed to simply be fairy tales at first glance, at second glance, humanity will realize that those stories are real. However, they do not have to deal with the tyranny and bloodlust of the supernatural. There exists a legion of clans that are renowned Dragon Slayers, tearing asunder the scaled divine and wicked, and then stealing away their names as a new branch for prizes. In reality, it was an insult to the rampaging beasts. They were rarely respected, as these warriors killed not for the salvation of humanity... but for sport.

Beginning with the legendary first man who slew Kur, the first of Dragons, blood of immense superhuman prowess has been passed down for generations. "Yam", "Leviathan", "Tiamat", and recently "Ryujin", along with many others have had their graves spat on as the hunters prospered with glory and strength.

Amongst the ranks of Ryujin, Vulca was born. Very early did she learn the art of war, how to wield firearms, along with fine Japanese, European, and Chinese steel. In her family, strength and success proved your worth. If you were weak or could not produce results, you were a disgrace. You were used a token - a scapegoat in wars. You were a blight and a liability. One would believe that Vulca would go through Hell as a child. ... But she did not. Instead, the miracle child adapted to this mentality, and rose to the challenge of her family's - her father's expectations. Everyone called her a "prodigy" and "gifted", but compared to high class soldiers, she didn't have any outstanding talents. It was simply raw skill born from constant and diligent training, and a bit of favoritism from daddy to ease the strain and aching, with some encouragement too.

At a tender age she began participating in wars against dragons. The only thing that held her back was her small, underdeveloped body being unable to keep up physically. Yet, she still outperformed a vast amount of the adults, surpassing adolescents easily. Of course, the little girl was still beaten down by the scaled beasts easily, so she was usually set as a support fighter or assisting with sneak attacks and flanks that wouldn't be headlong into a counterattack. After every war, she was happy that she could help out as much as she could.

When a dragon dies, a new branch is formed in the clan. While a tearful goodbye for some, for others, including Vulca, it was a proud event for their lives. To watch family crown their achievement with a new name, all while their loyalties to one another would never waver. Being small and unable to assist with killing blows, the little girl couldn't taste the sweet nectar of victory... yet.

Vulcan, one of the Lords of the Ryuji Household aspired for more than what everyone was settling on. His family was fine with sport, never dreaming of anything beyond that. Some dreamed of a world without dragons, a world in which all of their clans and their branches would lost their purpose. It would be the end of their meaningful existence. This man was not satisfied with knowing that: one day he'll simply be a senile war veteran if he stayed with these mongrels.

If they were the ones with power, they have no need to sheathe their swords just because the beasts were extinct.

Why stop with just killing them?

They were strong.

These humans were strong.

And they're stronger than the entire world.

... He wanted to take it. That became his end goal. But there was no need to alarm Vulca, at least not yet. Honestly, the man feared corroding his daughter's mind. Wanting to take over the world can lead to stress from lack of meeting expectations, exhaustion for the young lass who barely scrapes her way through victories if dragons focus on her, and even worse: any factor at all that could strain and ruin their relationship. The Warlord wanted his precious child to accept his dream, but not because he thinks its right and she has to follow him, but because she wants it too.

Vulcan decided to begin with shedding the name "Ryujin", one that is shared with childish dreamers that lack true ambition. The ones who were fine with being forgotten and leftover heroic trash.

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