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Amnesty Tengoku

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Amnesty Tengoku Empty Amnesty Tengoku

Post by Best Girl on Mon Jan 04, 2016 8:58 am

Amnesty Tengoku SnS5PaG

Destiny's Child
Burst Stream of Destruction
Faith is for the Transient People
Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Name: Amnesty Tengoku
Alias: "Destiny's Child"
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Alignment: Lawful Good
Profession: Shrine Maiden for the Church of Blue

Ace: Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon
Deck: “Divine Dragon Progression” - A chronicle of infinity - a bible of sorts told by cards that describes legend after legend, focusing on that of the nigh-indestructible Blue-Eyes white Dragon and its own worshippers. It is not alone either, for the Great Dragon Felgrand arrives in a magnificent advent from the Graveyard with amazing power. The deck is stacked with a massive amount of revival and tutoring for the lesser creatures: the light tuners that conjure majestic Synchro Monsters portraying more of Blue-Eyes’ incarnation cycles, and Cloudcastle that represents the drifting Valhalla of reincarnating dragons. Even sporting the ability of Fusion, and honing skill regarding Xyz, it is a Dragon Deck without equal. For even the almighty Dragluon brings any and all Dragon-Type monsters to their knees or to their new worthy champion. The lifespans of dragons that cycle all throughout all of time continue to evolve and call forth every new scaled miracle, such is the Divine Dragon Progression.
- Number 46: Dragluon (Currently in possession)
- Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon (To be unlocked)
- Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon (To be unlocked)
- Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy (To be unlocked)

Character Skill: Can see funky Duel Spirits and communicate with Blue-Eyes monsters, along with those with Eyes of Blue.
"Explosive Birth Stream" - Once per turn, when a "Blue-Eyes", "Azure-Eyes", or "Galaxy-Eyes" monster is Special Summoned to your field, and your opponent has monsters equal to or greater than the number of monsters you control, you can destroy 1 monster your opponent controls. This effect ignores protection from destruction and targeting if the monster Special Summoned is a Synchro or Xyz monster.

Personality: “An unpredictable, rude-mannered idiot who seems to treat others on equal and/or fair grounds”, is how the Church of Blue describes this shrine maiden. While not intentionally meaning to disrespect others, she does not tend to give respect to higher powers when they are deserving of it, treating them as equal beings instead in a more friendly manner. This is how she treats the Church’s “God”, Blue-Eyes. Others do not take kindly such impudence, however, the girl cares not. There is an eagerness to make friends and allies that drives a bubbly persona to conserve with humans, spirits, gods, and devils on a level in which regular people could. A new kind of “down to earth” person. Amnesty refers to Blue-Eyes as her best friend all of the worlds, comically shouting “I love you!” to her divine guardian, while being on the receiving end of Burst Streams she dodged. Obliviousness to Blue-Eyes’ irritation from lack of respect or just ignoring it intentionally is completely unknown with this girl, as she seems to take it as the celestial beast being shy.

Quite lazy when it comes to any real responsibility, that includes being “Destiny’s Child”, and ignoring any sort of duty concerning it. The lass is but a simple shrine maiden with a big pet, and tries to enjoy a simpler life while being a member of the religion. One’s priority should be beloveds and the self, which is a self-taught lesson that has most definitely spread throughout the Church of Blue, helping the community get along, with less strict customs causing stress or distance. A true sunshine upon this era.

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Best Girl
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