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Vanitas Diaboli

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Vanitas Diaboli Empty Vanitas Diaboli

Post by Best Girl on Fri Jan 08, 2016 1:29 pm

"I will create a monument to nonexistence!"

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Vanitas Diaboli NctzIf0

Name: Vanitas "Vani"/"Ravioli" Diaboli (lit. translation: Vanity Devil)
Alias: Supreme Demon Dragon King, the Strongest Dracoverlord
Age: Claims to be 1000 years old. She looks 24.
Gender: Female
Race: Demon Lord, she proclaims. Looks plenty human aside from spooky powers.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Ace Card: Amorphactor Psycho, the Vain Dracoverlord
Deck Type: "Abomination Trapezohedron" - Not a deck of cards exactly, rather, a containment device holding the miserable fusions and mutations of Dragon Fiends named "Amorphage". Hideous earth dragons that utilize Pendulum Summon and Scale Setting in order to prevent the opponent from playing the game. Each sport effects that halt the opponent from using their Extra Deck, or sealing every card in the game that is not of their own nature - of their own title. Even worse, the "Dracoverlord" Pendulum Monsters will assist in making an opponent with the same summon mechanic go through hell of not being able to activate anything. "Dracoslayers" that have been cloned through whatever means and subjugated further the deck's consistency, along with granting access to a new summon type of three other archetypes. Finally, the "Magicians" lie in wait with a dark dragon of dual colored eyes, only furthering the impossible arsenal's number residing in the trinket. All of this only serves as an appetizer for the most psychotic evil that will eternally lock the opponent's world.

Abilities: Can use spooky purple/pink energy to do things. Can also float.
"Carne Vale" - All your cards that do not have "Amorphage", "Amorphus", and "Amorphactor" in their name are unaffected by the effects of your "Amorphage" and "Amorphactor" cards. Twice per duel, at the end of your Standby Phase or during your Main Phase 1, if you control no monsters, or the only monsters you control are not Pendulum monsters, select one of your Pendulum Zones (even if there is no card there). For the rest of this turn, any card in that zone has its scale become 10.

Personality: "Batshit" and "Annoying" are the two first words that come to mind when dealing with this insufferable hussy. Vanitas is intoxicating, getting those around her drunk on migraines. She's always spewing something stupid or irrelevant if it isn't just plain gibberish or reciting some eldritch poems and chants for some asinine reason. The woman is the textbook cliche of "clinically insane", droning on and on about violent and gruesome murder. Her motivation is that it's either fun or it's just a stepping stone to her becoming the ultimate conqueror of the universe. Ah, yes, that too is a part of her oh-so evil persona. Declaring openly that she is an ancient demonic dragon lord that will take over the world or destroy it.

One can easily mistake her entire being for eighth grader syndrome. Childishly likes to call herself dumb nicknames and titles, and very much loves being referred to as "Ravioli". Refers to the Big Eater trope she puts herself in.

Nothing but comedy and pure evil with this one. Embarrassing or strangely impressive recitals of the utmost edge. The only thing that seems to make a lick of sense about her is her odd obsession with alchemy, and she talks as if she barely understands it. In reality, she knows a great deal of it - a sage's worth of knowledge - yet utilizes it not most of the time.

Seems to find a special fondness in the Amorphage monsters, but also smacks them around in reality, surpassing holographic systems and the like. Considers the Dracoslayers tools without feelings, like most heroes. Has a sort of fetish concerning the "Zenith Dracoverlord", which makes little sense as she calls herself stronger and grander than him with her self-given title, but denies such. The evil that bares "Pendulum, the Dracoverlord" in its name is apparently the ultimate evil that she reveres without wavering.

Biography: uh
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