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=World Map=

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=World Map= Empty =World Map=

Post by Sylas Templar on Mon Jan 18, 2016 6:48 am

1.   Center of the City:
Owner: None
Description: Center of the Imperial Capital. Often used for announcements or for events not relating to the Entertainment Grounds.
Location: x=77, y=80

=World Map= K6tRTri

2.   Transport Gate:
Owner: ???????
Description: Connects the Imperial Capital to the outside. Used for transporting goods/duelists to and from other cities or for accessing The Ruined Lands, should that be deemed necessary.
Location: x=79, y=121

=World Map= WbAqDfZ

3.   Behemoth's HQ:
Owner: Dante Giovanni
Description: Headquarters of the Behemoth Faction. The grounds are huge for the private training of the police force that occupy it. It also doubles as a secondary training facility at times.
Location:  x=15, y=92

=World Map= QqfmWBu

4.   Leviathan's HQ:
Owner: Minerva Mundus
Description: Headquarters of the Leviathan Faction. The acoustics of the building is set for minimal distraction from the outside world to make it easier to focus on tasks at hand.
Location: x=41, y=67

=World Map= WFOCc01

5.   Simorgh's HQ:
Owner: Maksim Welten
Description: Headquarters of the Simorgh Faction. The entire tower also doubles as the Library of the Republic and houses the 2nd greatest collection of books and tomes.
Location: x=148, y=69

=World Map= Vmkx4k8

6.   Ryuusei's HQ:
Owner: Homura Tsubasa
Description: Headquarters of the Ryuusei Revolution. Due to their new creation, they were given the location of the church to use as a temporary base of operations.
Location: x=15, y=137

=World Map= QFE8J84

7.   Training Grounds:
Owner: ???????
Description: The training area for the Duelists. It is neutral ground, used in the training of all duelists from any faction, and is therefore devoid of any dissonance any of them may hold.
Location: x=188, y=73

=World Map= MYuGhbi

8.   Red Rose Cafe:
Owner: Scarlet Castra
Description: One of the best Cafes in the Republic. They serve coffee, tea, and alcoholic beverages. Their signature drink, Primrose, is a tea that is said to rejuvenate any tired body.
Location: x=75, y=94

=World Map= 918Yd33

9.   Entertainment Grounds:
Owner: ???????
Description: The fairgrounds for the Republic. Includes an amusement park as well as the Stadium where tournaments and various events are held. The owner's face has never been seen.
Location: x=124, y=130

=World Map= 8zT44vX

10. Herald Imperial Church:
Owner: High Priest De Zard
Description: The church run by De Zard to help those of little faith. It's a church that worships the Heralds and their ability to protect the weak.
Location: x=15, y=144

=World Map= ZkPgTle

11. The Park:
Owner: None
Description: A park near the edge of the Republic. It has a monument dedicated to the hero and his 2 dragons who helped humanity defend itself from the first attack of The Miasma.
Location: x=74, y=147

=World Map= L3TY7W6

12. Riverside:
Description: The river found in the Republic. The waters have been purified of the corrosion of The Miasma via a powerful filtration system. It is very important for the Republic's water supply.
Location: x=44, y=13

=World Map= NFjQSZV

13. The Ruined Lands:
Owner: ???????
Description: The lands outside of civilization. It has been ruined and corroded by The Miasma and is a representation of humanity in the past, and the darkness that enveloped it.
Location: x=55, y=23

=World Map= Ay49x7F
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