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The Lord Of Assasins

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Post by Lord Of Blades on Tue Jan 26, 2016 2:03 pm

Character Theme Song

When He Appears:
Name:Hayate Hateago

The Lord Of Assasins  606300ea83a303f16274fb1a93312481


Race:Human(Half Mythos)

Allegiance:Currently Unknown

Deck:Dark Dealings [Gagaga]

Numbers: Number 101, *1 unknown*

Personality:Strong will and determined to face any challenge.while "Mysterious" remains "Kind And pure Of heart". Holds a strong "Sense of "Justice" and has great "Honor" and "Pride" in what he does. However deep inside him another being rests. One that bears the mark of a "King"but seeks to rule nothing.

No Limits:
Born into the prestigious "Hateago Family" Hayate had a hard life before he even knew it. The Hateago Family was know throughout England for producing elite members of society who specialized in "Being the Best in Body and Mind" and being a member of this family set high expectations on Hayate from the beginning. Hayate had 2 brothers Yuki and Geo who both had great achievements and made names for themselves. Yuki was a master tactician and Geo a master of the Hateago Martial arts and with both so well known Hayate had allot of pressure on him.
The Hateago Family however was known for more then there skill. The Family each member of the family had a "Huge Ego" and "Superiority Complex" and saw themselves as better then others around them. This fact remained true for all the members except one. Hayate's grandfather "Soichi Hateago" who always watched over Hayate and saw his best interests in heart. Hayate was always looked down on by his family members due to the fact he always failed to match hi older brothers, however there was more to this and Hayate's parents where hiding a secret.
At age fourteen (14) Hayate now in middle school, had many friends who he trusted and believed in. However things at home never changed, Hayate's family members abused and insulted Hayate on a daily basis. With his grandfather as his source of solace, Hayate managed to endure the everyday abuse. However this didn't last long for Hayate's parents began reconsidering their sons usefulness to the family and spoke one night concerning his future."The boy his hopeless, he can't truly be one of us, he is as pathetic as my father"(Hayate's Father)." But we can't let his DNA go to waste, I've sacrificed so much so that that Abomination could be born"(His Mother). The next day Hayate's life got much harder as his daily training and lessons tripled in difficulty and failure would result in brutal torture.
These training sessions left scars on Hayate's body and mind that would never be erased    and after two years Hayate has mastered all of the Hateago teachings and whats more he became even more intelligent then Yuki and displayed in-human Strength,Speed and Stamina that far exceeded human limits. This made him even more powerful a warrior then Geo, however one thing that never faded from Hayate was his kind heart which prevented him from looking down on others or becoming to confident in his abilities. This state of mind was the result of words he received from his grandfather at age six(6), "don't be to focused on whats bellow you that you mistake the sky for the ground".
However Hayate's would soon find that his life was about to take a sharp turn in a bad direction. Former supporters of the Hateago Family, they were filled with Envyand began plotting towards the families destruction. Hayate's grandfather was old but not stupid and knew the day would come when the family would fall. However Hayate's parents decided to use him as a shield and ordered him to "exterminate" the rival group. Surprised by the sudden attack the group was caught off guard and with his in-human abilities he destroyed the group in a single night, but unfortunate one survived.
The next day however, police gathered at the Hateago groups home and due to an eye witness report, Hayate was arrested for mass murder, but before leaving his grandfather handed Hayate his Duel Monsters deck. Hayate and his grandfather had often played the game and for the two of them it was what helped them to bond. Hayate was locked away for little over a year,however one night he overheard two guards speak about and attack on the Hateago group. Fortunately for Hayate the prison fell into chaos later that day ad in the confusion he escaped the prison.
Returning home Hayate found his old house burn to cinders and few small cottages remained standing so he searched them. Inside one of the cottages Hayate found his mother beaten to near death. She gazed upon Hayate and laugh as she spoke "you...you curse abomination, if i had not committed that sin I'd be happy, I hope you suffer as much as me you cursed "Half-Breed". In that moment his mother died and Hayate for the first time fell into Despair. However as he looked deeper into the Cottage he noticed one of the floor boards were loose. Hayate puled away the floor board and travel down and underground path only to discover an underground shrine and in the center he saw a Blood Red Katana with a small note on top. When he inspected the note Hayate discovered it was his grandfathers dying message This sadden Hayate greatly however the words written inside changed him forever." These are my last words to red the well, Hayate my grandchild there are people in this world that mist not exist: those that hurt others, those that enjoy taking from others and worst of all those that steal another persons future". Hayate you have seen all of these people,they exist everywhere i this world and exercise control over the people to do whatever the want. You much change the way of this world and create the "True Hateago Family". Hayate was confused by this message and could only think what it said sounded impossible and pointless. However the last line changed his thoughts as they said "There are no limits or Impossibilities, things only become impossible when we stop trying, so never give up Hayate because you are our true legacy, so take the Azure Katana symbol of our family and create the future that you desire; our true future.    
After leaving the Hateago House Hayate travel England and overtime he heard of a group of terrorists called Ryuusei Revolution who had begun a mission to change the world and recalling his grandfathers words Hayate tracked them down. In the middle of there meeting Hayate burst in and demanded to join them, however most saw him as just another guy looking to make  fool of the Ryuusei Revolution. They planed to attack him, till a voice spoke up stopping them. It was the voice of the Revolutions leader Homura Tsubasa who walked up to Hayate and began to question him. Each question was a test of Hayate's: Resolve,Courage and Determination,however Hayate answered all with sincere honest and after explaining his story to them became a member. It has been more then seven years since Hayate join Ryuusei Revolution and he has completed many tasks given to him by Homura. Proving himself time and time again by doing the Impossible Hayate became a source of inspiration for his fellow team members and in teaching them some of the Hateago martial arts, became a combat instructor. Hayate firmly believes in creating a better future for both the Hateago Family ad for Ryuusei Revolution."My path is clear, there are not limits or impossibilities". With these words, a new black jacket and confidence in heart, Hayate steps forward.
Mark Of The King:

Name: Yuu Makuno AKA Shiro[White]

The Lord Of Assasins  SVr4DbsuD30

Mythos[Half Human]


Deck:???[Psychic Deck]


Personality:Cold and calculating while remaining mysterious. Yuu holds great sadness within and seeks to fill those around him with joy. Yuu sees himself as a "King" so he always tries his best t guide those who need him. Cruel to those who challenge him Yuu seeks to crush his enemies.

Biography: At age fifteen [15] while enduring training from his parents Hayate often got assigned to missions from his father. The Hateago family had close ties to the queen of England and were always seeking to be in her good graces. The mission Hayate got sent on where always the same "Annihilation Of Terrorist Groups". This often left Hayate all alone against multiple enemies,however Hayate's parents never expected him to return from his Missions and Hayate's grandfather always opposed them. However one day Hayate went against a large group of enemies.
They fought for hours on end until one of the members landed a fatal blow on Hayate. As his consciousness faded a voice called out saying " Done already? fine AL take over..you rest". Upon waking up Hayate was shocked at what he saw. Destruction beyond human power and no a trace of the terrorists to be found, ll that remained was a large symbol imprinted on the ground. With his memories hazy Hayate returned home and since that day Hayate has felt as if someone else dwells within him." Continue to grow and laugh, Happiness,sadness,envy,hatred the emotions of humanity continue to display them to me"."Then one day we will be one mind...my other self"
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