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Post by Best Girl on Mon Jan 04, 2016 1:57 am

"The world has turned
And so many have burned
But nobody is to blame
Yet staring across this barren wasted land
I feel new life will be born
Beneath the blood stained sand..."

Pipeorgankind (Memorial)

View of River Styx
Savior of the Dreaming Dead (Cascade Cut)

Viviren Gokukaiser 2MDpbno

Name: Viviren Gokukaiser
Alias: "Vivi", nicknamed by other members of Purgatory Trio
Age: Appears to be 24, completely unaware of actual age
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral Good (Loyal to Purgatory Trio/Cocytus' orders)

Ace Card: Red Daemons Dragon - Scarright (includes incarnations and Cocytus)
Deck Type: "Dead Man's Float" - A grimoire of sorts consisting of infernal demons dubbed "Infernity" monsters. Purgatorial creatures that focus almost, if not, entirely on revival of the dead and infinitely swarming. To do so, a special condition has to be met... one that reflects a user and the void between Heaven and Hell. For any of the deck to "activate", its wielder must have no cards in their hand. An emptiness of the soul, using the Graveyard as one's true "hand", and for Infernities, it is even the deck. Synchro Monsters are championed, using dark dragons as spearheads for the massive army. "Death Dragon" is a hissing steam of decay, "Ogre Dragoon" is the absolute for purgatory's rampage, "Hundred-Eyes Dragon" exists only to further advancements of the evil terrors. And soon, "Red Daemons Dragon" shall be claimed, and annihilate everything in its way regardless of incarnation. Looming over is a level ten white evil.

Skills/Abilities: Yama Raja powers.
"Aurageyser Damned" - If you have no cards in your hand and the only monster you control is a DARK Dragon-Type Synchro Monster, opponent's Spell/Trap effects targeting it are negated once per turn. At the beginning of your turn, you can check the top card of your deck. Then, you can skip your Draw Phase, and send it to the Graveyard.

Personality: Viviren is a quiet and misunderstood girl. Her vast control over dark arts has people terrified and only leads them to believe she's going to hurt them. The woman is actually very kind and uses the power of wickedness to protect her loved ones or detain the injust. A strong hatred for criminals grows, and alongside it, a sense of righteousness. But it isn't her true passion, as she's more interested in finding a purpose to live than trying to upload lawful standards.

Vivi feels naturally rejected by anyone not part of her inner circle of beloved, blaming her questionable existence, or her powers seemingly gifted by the devil. While not rejecting such blessings of might, it still leaves her lonely, and occasionally useless when she can't gain the trust of others. Not even having a full grasp of her own memories or the extent of these powers, she honestly doesn't blame everyone else either. To raise spirits, Viviren has dabbled in an obsession with trying sugary treats, usually stuffing her face with them at any given time she feels wanting. Her favorite is a sickeningly sweet pastry referred to as a "Honey bun". The hobby of whistling tunes has also arose with this sweet-tooth. In addition, the woman feels important around her inner circle, so she becomes incredibly clingy at times to hold on to that feeling of meaning something worthwhile.

Those Who Crossed out of Hell:
“Viviane Shiine” was the name of a girl whose destiny was misfortune, and at the same time, a soul who was prophesied in the innermost circle of Hell.

The poor thing was a sickly child from birth; an unfortunate inheritance from her mother. Though, they and her father still pressed onward in life filled with hope. Viviane was a coddled newborn - a miraculous blessing considering the state of her mother’s health. Physically frail, she spent most of her early life with someone holding her hand. Even so, Viviane attempted to look at being born as a gift, and retained her gentle soul through life. To emphasize, the family shared in a pastry treat known as a “honey bun”, and always stated that if Viviane was never born, they’d all never get to eat them together. As simple as it was, it became some form of hope.

Viviane’s childhood was surprisingly joyous with very minor bumps on the way, but adolescence is the gateway to tragedy. Her mother’s well being was on the edge - an incurable illness finally catching up with the life it waited so eagerly to claim. The precious daughter never even saw it coming, innocently thinking she and her mother would make it out through life okay, eventually finding a cure, then dying happily of old age. Unfortunately, the world wasn’t that kind to either of them, as the woman passed away before Viviane even had a grasp of what was happening. The girl was devastated but she wasn’t entirely sure on how to feel. Sad? Angry? To be going through some sort of phase in life where a tragic death results in an eventual new resolution - a new outlook on life? No, that’s stupid. People die. … But from the beginning, the girls were both sick, and no one had a cure in mind. It almost seemed as if they weren’t supposed to be there at all, or at least not for long.

A fate of early closure because they weren’t supposed to be born.

That’s what Viviane started thinking, and it shattered her hope.

The worst part of it all was not only would they never share another honey bun between the three of them again, but the two of them couldn’t even look at one.

Junior High and High School acted only as snowballs for her darkened demeanor. She became detached from her colleagues and gradually stopped caring altogether. If she wasn’t meant to live, what use is education? Friends couldn’t console, only offer “I’m Sorry”s as wound licking. They couldn’t understand what it was like to think you were never supposed to happen. Viviane eventually stopped thinking about the future and gave up. Her father not only didn’t blame her, but he too simply surrendered that he wasn’t meant to be happy for long.

They were still family, and as long as they were alive - even if they didn’t believe in it - they would cling onto whatever hope was left. He still housed her and she supported him as much as she could to make up for his dead wife. Every day of her mother’s anniversary, they rekindled their love for their favorite sweet in the honor of their bonding memory.

Then it was her turn.

Or it was supposed to be.

Viviane fell ill and was hospitalized, but her condition was kept stable… or at least as stable as it could be considering her sickness. Maybe she was supposed to live? No, that question was irrelevant because she couldn’t leave and go back to school. To distract herself from a monotonous pattern of sleeping, tests, and watching godawful television, they allowed her access to the Internet with surprisingly outstanding WiFi. Viviane was shocked at how lifesaving the web was against the ferocious devilbeast known as “Boredom”.

Interestingly, during the course of her new hospital life, she found another boy without hope online. This was an odd feeling she wasn’t familiar with when she talked with him. Some sort of fated attachment? Or maybe relief from finding someone who understands to cling onto and share pity parties with. Regardless, it was defined as “love” by a doctor she told about this experience. It was a wonderful feeling that restored her light on life. She was so sick, she was stuck in that hospital for a full year, but Viviane never even noticed the time fly due to the bliss of communication with her mate.

But the reaper was sick of waiting and her happiness disgusted it.

They weren’t meant to live. Not even him.

Him as in her father. She learned that the medical bills piled up, he was fired, and he couldn’t find any sort of stepping without his wife or his daughter at home. But he couldn’t take Viviane away from what was keeping her alive. He couldn’t find any more footing on life and simply hoped someone would take care of her in his place… and did himself in. … And that wasn’t even all. The now grown woman only had less than a month to live at the most, and her despair came flooding back.

“Enough…” she cried out,

“That’s enough.”

If they weren’t going to be allowed to live, fine. But she wasn’t going down by the devil’s hand. Leaving a message of goodbye for her love, she made her way to the roof, and followed in her father’s footsteps… by jumping off.

Then it was quiet for a long time.

So very quiet.




A laugh broke the silence. She finally saw more than a black void in sight. Viviane was met with a group of people and fire. So much fire. It was hot and everything looked red and orange even beyond the fire. That’s when the fallen learned a grave lesson:

They were to be toyed with as HE see fit.

The embodiment of despair put them all through a loop. Another loop. Then an extra loop. Then one more loop. Then more loops. Loop loop looplooplooplooploop

“Why won’t it stop?”


“Please stop”


“S T O P!!!!!!!!!!”

They all went through an eternity of their most tragic and despair moments of life in an endless, neverending loop. Her mother and father dying miles away from her, now being forced to watch, and scream out pleads for the doctors to save her mother or for her father to reconsider. Viviane watched herself in despair without her voice being able to reach herself. And it happened again and again and again and again and again and again and she finally snapped. She was the first to snap.


A maddening cackle echoed throughout as she was burned to a crisp by bluish flames, finally putting her at ease after infinite torment. Not even knowing her love was right there by her, if she could even call out to him. The man’s despair… simply vanished. It wasn’t replaced by hope, but emptiness when she was gone. A malevolent being watching in what seemed to be boredom as the loops passed the point of hundreds.

“Interesting”, the being’s curiosity overtook the stale show, finding such steeled… “nothing” fascinating.  It called out and commanded lesser demons, requesting the charred corpse of the woman he paid so much attention to. The beast dropped her in a black and orange river of sorts, and her fleshy form was restored in what seemed to be an instant. The soul, however, was shattered beyond repair. What about this woman distracted him exactly? She wasn’t appealing and her soul just seemed bland. Her memories were that of someone who was just deemed unnecessary. Her only redeeming quality was that she and her father didn’t allow the reaper to take their lives itself.

“Heh”, it laughed. “How ridiculous”, it added. Lifting the lifeless corpse from the river, it probed at her. “Let’s make a sport out of this then, ‘spicing’ things up in this fiery oven”. Terrible pun aside, the enormous devilbeast jabbed a finger into the body, forcefeeding it energy of the same color as the river. Within her body, the shattered remains of her blue soul clustered together, and then a new black and orange soul clamped over the pieces. “Viviane” was overwritten, the eyes of the body opening, attire morphed, her design changed entirely except her face, confirming the birth of the new host.

“Go forth, my incarnation - MY emissary”, it commanded, the woman floating above a sea of flames. “Free these children of purgatory and grasp the meaning of the second life, all while figuring out why you were even given a first”. The soul was given a spear, and created an orb of energy from the river. The sphere was fired out and exploded in the distance, freeing all those in the Purgatorial Loop. The woman dashed forward, a legion of demons coming under her command, gifted by her “Master” whom she didn’t even know. Regardless, the Master’s orders became a drive. Throwing a wrench in the Devil’s entertainment and starting a very dangerous game between two Horrorterrors. “Viviane” found the flaming corpse of the man she loved, and simply reached out toward him.

“No more” was her response to his pain. A will to conquer the despair and survive brought about his new name, discarding the past - burned away in the hot bluish flames. She took after it, being dubbed “Viviren Gokukaiser”. Meeting with the other Children of Purgatory, they all charged headlong into the realm of suffering, all to get to their second lives. Promises were made and friendships were born.

But “Viviane” knew there was no happy ending for anyone here.

Viviren and Ren - her mate - didn’t even so much as hesitate to stain the charred, molten terrain in the blood of those they cruelly betrayed. She wasn’t sure if this was an order by her master… or an impulse to live. Either way, utilizing the “Infernity” legion spearheaded by “Ogre Dragoon”, the woman pressed on. In the midst of the bloodbath, she found a woman chained to a stake. Some hazy memories forming in her mind.


No, she didn’t know who this person was. Or if she even had a mother for that matter. But she was ordered to free that person anyway, being informed of another Child of Purgatory. Destroying the chains with the spear, Viviren forced this new soul into the fight to escape. In an act of grotesque measures, they reformed Ren’s flesh with those they personally damned to Hell themselves. In retrospect, that’d probably have caused more harm since they were still in a fiery sulfur, but it was an order and impulse again. These desires were completely unknown to her, but she went through with them regardless. “Viviren” was moved at the sight of Ren’s tenacity, burning even with new flesh. It was… familiar, when she looked at him.

Tearing through what seemed like an eternal army of flaming eldritch abominations, even taming multitudes of them via subjugation and charisma, they finally reached an area below what seemed like a sort of slide. It wasn’t possible to climb up, but the three of them that survived weren’t giving up. Not anymore.

Ren simply set the slide ablaze and replaced them with stairs of fire. Their feet burning as they escalated to freedom; the trio let out triumphant screams as they rushed out of what was assumed as the entrance.

They won.
Her Master won.
A booming laugh and another toned angry growl quaked Hell itself.
“I WIN”.

The three arrived in the realm of the living. Two of them cheered, but Viviren wasn’t sure what to feel. She felt triumphant but now… what was she supposed to do now that she was here? This soul never even knew what it was like to “live” and still doesn’t. Perhaps it was Viviane’s will?

… Viviane.


Her mate called out that name. Viviren looked around nervously and then turned her attention to the other two Children of Purgatory. The woman then asked the most heartbreaking question in a fit of confusion:

“Who is Viviane?”

- Misc. Info -
[Develops into the Asura of Karma upon unlocking King Calamity]
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